The World Trade Centers Association

The World Trade Centers Association (WTCA; www.wtca.org ) was created in 1970 in connection with the development of New York’s Twin Towers by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. It was established as a not-for-profit, apolitical organization to promote the concept of World Trade Center (WTC) worldwide and to encourage reciprocal programs between all its members.

The WTCA stimulates trade and investment opportunities for commercial property developers, economic development agencies, and international businesses looking to connect globally and prosper locally.

WTCA serves as an international ecosystem of global connections, iconic properties, and integrated trade services under the umbrella of a prestigious brand.

One of the most important ways that the WTCA promotes economic opportunity is through the mutual interdependence that trade, and its respective services, creates between the parties. There are 324 interconnected WTCs in 91 countries. WTCs are located on six continents and 73 nation capitals worldwide. In fact, 45% of member countries in the United Nations have WTCs. Together they have over 15,000 full-time employees and serve more than an estimated 1 million international businesses.

The WTCA is now the largest non-government trading organization in the world. The WTCA has achieved important recognition for its role in bringing the world closer together through its enhancement of international commerce.

The WTCA has been nominated seven times, since 1997, for the Nobel Peace Prize for its role in bringing people together.